Good design tells stories &creates real connection

A good product design is not just functional, it creates an emotional connection between the user and the product. I would love to bring that happiness and joy into your life!

What I do?


. User Research
. Usability Testing
. Competitor Research

UI Design

. Wireframe & Prototyping
. Conceptualise
. Problem Solving

Visual Design

. Branding
. Packaging

Case Studies


Dividing the bill after a group meal can be an unsettling experience. How might we make sure everyone has contributed to their share and make splitting bills a hassle-free and friendly way for everyone?


Revamp the e-commerce experience to provide reliable product information and reviews to meet consumers’ needs in buying K-beauty and health products while leveraging on celebrity and influencer endorsements.

Bringing joy to ROM

Improving the Registry of Marriage's (ROM) website experience by streamlining the complicated procedures so that couples can proceed to his wedding ceremony at ease, saving them from uncertainty and inconvenience.

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